Our Journey

Our Journey from Ceci’s to Montana Popcorn Co.

Besides serving versatile snacks, Montana Popcorn also provides catering for weddings and parties, fundraising opportunities, and gifts for all occasions.

In the beginning...

We originally chose the name Ceci’s Popcorn, because of Cecilia Carmichael. She was a sweet lady who taught us the value of taking pride in our work and enjoying the people around us. She was an old-fashioned, hard-working gal who loved people, parties and popcorn.

We also loved the name because we wanted to serve our Billings central community (CC) with a snack that promoted fun times and togetherness. We are all about bringing people together to enjoy each other and to celebrate the blessings we share as Montanans.

Ceci’s Popcorn was created to see that the values of love, hard work and gratitude were passed on to the next generation...

Entering a new location and a new chapter...

Montana Popcorn Company’s story still embodies the values of love and hard work, but we have expanded our family reach all of Montana and to share its blessings with the rest of the country.

We want to be known as a company that reflects Montana values. Hard-work, community and the ability to enjoy the good times.

We focus on carefully crafted flavors. We fill every bag with love, for maximum enjoyment, and look forward to every kernel bringing joy to our customers. The Montana Popcorn Company’s Team looks for ways to positively impact our community.

Both Ceci’s Popcorn, and now the Montana Popcorn Company were created to spread God’s love with every bag of popcorn, stuffed with joy and served with a smile.

Ceci's became Montana Popcorn Co.

You can still see Cecilia’s mascot pictured above at our new location and sometimes at our event booths.

Montana Popcorn Co. Team
Montana Popcorn Co. Store Location